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Waste recycling and preparation 


About to open


Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond (ERDF)

We support the recycling of separately collected waste. The same goes for activities related to preparation. 

The call for applications is not open; the projects that have received funding are in the process of implementation.  

The aim of the grant was to increase the recycling and preparation of waste generated in Estonia in order to protect the environment. 

What was eligible for the grant? 

Waste collected separately for recycling. Also, activities related to preparations for recycling, but only if the activity is followed by the recycling of waste and this is demonstrable.  

Who was eligible for the grant? 

  • Local authority 
  • Local government authority 
  • Joint local authority or association of local authorities 
  • Legal person governed by private law 

Grants are awarded in Estonian and more information can be found on the EIC website here.