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More than 650 environmental projects supported across Estonia

The Council of the Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) has decided to support 653 projects in nine sectors for a total amount of 11,453,516 euros from the National Environment Programme. The call for proposals asked for 2.6 times more funding than...

Nature walks for Ukrainian children and young people begin

The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) and the Ministry of the Environment are launching nature walks for children and young people from Ukraine. The aim of the project is to support the adaptation of Ukrainian refugee children, young people, and...


5 Grants

2 Open rounds

Kohalike omavalitsuste ringmajanduse pilootprojektid

Circular economy pilot projects

The purpose of the grant is to contribute to the development of the circular economy and the introduction of more environmentally friendly solutions by the public sector. Circular economy

Võõrliikide tõrje

Ecosystem resilience increased

The purpose of the grant is to progress towards the favourable/good status of native species and habitats, increased resilience of ecosystems to the pressures of climate change and alien species, and mitigation measures implemented to avoid further spread of alien species. Nature conservation