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Biomethane production and consumption 


In preparation


Euroopa Liidu Ühtekuuluvusfond (ÜF)

We support the use of biomethane-powered buses and the construction of filling stations. 

The call for applications is not open; the projects that have received funding are in the process of implementation. 

The objective of the grant is to launch the consumption and supply of biomethane in order to support the achievement of the renewable energy transport target by creating demand for fuels from renewable energy sources and thereby launch biomethane production and contribute to the development of the sector. 

The activities supported were: 

  • building capacity for biomethane supply and refuelling at a public bulk or networked filling station; 
  • introducing biomethane-fuelled gas buses for the purpose of public transport. 

Applications could be submitted by the competent authority organising regular bus transport services on the basis of a public service contract in accordance with section 19 of the Public Transport Act (gas buses) and by legal persons (filling stations).  

Grants are awarded in Estonian and more information can be found on the EIC website here.