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Publication of nature magazines


Loodusajakirjad Image: KIK

To ensure that science-based environmental information reaches the widest possible target group, and that we have consistent and independent sources, we are organising the publication of the magazines Eesti Loodus and Eesti Mets through public procurement from 2019, as requested by the Ministry of the Environment.

From 2021, the magazine Eesti Loodus will be published by MTÜ Loodusajakiri, and the magazine Eesti Mets will be published by Kirjastus Vesuuv OÜ.

  • Eesti Loodus is published once per month, and it introduces readers to the diversity of nature and environmental issues in a science-based way. As a trusted and independent source of environmental information, it has shaped the environmental awareness of several generations.
  • Eesti Mets provides balanced information on forestry, highlighting, among other things, the social, cultural, ecological and economic aspects of sustainable forestry. Eesti Mets is published quarterly.

Until 2019, MTÜ Loodusajakiri published magazines within the framework of projects supported by the EIC, and from February 2019, the magazines are published by request of the Ministry of the Environment on the basis of procurements organised by EIC.

The trademarks of the magazines are owned by the Ministry of the Environment.

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Eesti Mets






Nature magazines Eesti Loodus ja Eesti Mets väljaandmist riigihangete kaudu. Photo: EIC