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Seven new projects to help boost waste recycling in Estonia

Funding decision
Image: Pexels

Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) funded seven waste recycling projects for a total amount of EUR 1.3 million. Grants will be given to projects across Estonia that contribute to the recycling of different types of waste.

Eduard Sizov, the Waste Project Coordinator at EIC, says that in the past, waste was seen as a nuisance that had to be got rid of somehow. ‘Recently, there has been a significant change in mindset and waste has started to be seen as a valuable resource.’ Sizov adds that waste recycling can be defined as a recovery operation that results in the production of new products, materials or substances from waste. ‘We are pleased to have been able to support projects that want to make use of waste in different areas.’

Horizon Tselluloosi ja Paberi AS received a grant of EUR 186,700 to recycle limescale in its production process. More specifically, a system of tanks and conveyors will be set up on the site to temporarily store limescale and transport it back to the lime kiln. The Lääne-Viru Waste Management Centre wants to purchase an excavator and its accessories, which will increase the amount of construction waste collected. This will ensure that construction waste can be better treated. The amount of the grant is EUR 200,000. With the help of the grant, Jõgeva Veevärk plans to ensure the uniform quality of the sludge produced in the wastewater treatment process and then transport the solidified sludge to the Torma landfill, where it will be used to produce certified compost for landscaping. The amount of the grant is EUR 200,000. OÜ Paikre received a grant of EUR 126,742 to improve its compost production and recycling. The grant will be used to purchase a windrow turner.

AS Green Marine has received a grant of EUR 154,800 and will use the grant to purchase six containers and two machines with sorting forks to pre-sort waste. A total of around 770 tonnes of waste can be recycled in 2023 thanks to the project. With the help of the grant, Marico Holding OÜ will make the process of sorting construction waste more efficient and increase the proportion of waste that is recycled and reused. To this end, a concrete floor will be laid in the sorting area and a new excavator will be purchased. The amount of the grant is EUR 190,700. Ragn-Sells AS has received a grant of EUR 270,000 to set up the first heat treatment line for infectious waste in Estonia, which will enable the preparation of infectious waste for further recycling and reprocessing into products. The new line will have the capacity to treat a maximum of 900 tonnes of infectious waste per year.

The call for applications was open to legal entities and local authorities and institutions for the recycling of separately collected waste and for activities related to the preparation of separately collected waste, but only if the activity is followed by recycling and can be verified.

EIC has previously supported 13 waste recycling projects with EUR 8.9 million. For example, the grant will be used to set up a glass foam plant in Järvakandi, for glass waste recycling, and a bio-waste treatment plant at Eesti Keskkonnateenuste AS. All supported projects can be found on the EIC website here.

The grant is provided by the European Regional Development Fund and the measure was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.