Purchase of electric buses and creation of the charging infrastructure

Last updated on 18.02.2021 Emission Trading System

Measure information

Submission of applications will commence on 8 February and end on 10 May 2021.

The aims of the grant include the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the Estonian transport sector by means of adopting electric buses, and the gathering and analysis of the consumption and charging data of electric buses to contribute to the development of the electric transport sector.

We provide the grant from the proceeds from the schemes for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading. The support measure was developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

What is eligible for the grant?

  • The purchase of at least 8 low-floor electric buses for use in urban public transport routes.
  • The purchase, design and construction of charging infrastructure for electric buses.
  • The performance of data analysis, to collect, share and analyse information obtained in the operation of electric buses in comparison to diesel and gas buses.

Who is eligible for the grant?

Local governments, public transport centres, or other competent authorities for the purposes of § 19 of the Public Transport Act (hereinafter the PTA);

Carriers servicing urban routes for the purposes of § 6 of the PTA, with whom a public service contract for the purposes of § 20 of the PTA has been concluded, valid for at least five more years as at 2 August 2021. If the public service contract is valid for a shorter time, the applicant must have the confirmation of a competent authority regarding concluding a new contract for the specified period.

What is the extent of the grant?

The budget of the application round is EUR 4,000,000, which is also the maximum grant amount for one project. The maximum proportion of the grant is 50% of the eligible costs of the project.

How do I apply?

When planning the schedule of the project, the time spent on evaluating the applications should be taken into account (presumably up to 30 days from closing the application round). Procurements can be announced after 2 August 2021.

The application process is in the Estonian language. More detailed materials, instructions and information can be found here, in Estonian, on the EIC’s homepage.