The nature preservation programme

Last updated on 09.07.2020 Environmental program

The aim

The aim is to preserve nature to ensure preservation of its diversity, a favourable status of natural habitats and natural fauna, flora and fungi species, as well as preservation of a natural environment of cultural and aesthetical value.

For this purpose, we are supporting:

  • Research work related to protected species and improvement of the status of these species;
  • Maintenance and renewal of parks under state protection;
  • Expert assessments to evaluate the status and efficiency of protected and conservation areas;
  • Combating of problematic species;
  • Assessment and remedying of damage caused to protected species;
  • Rehabilitation of wild animals;
  • Maintenance of protected natural features;
  • Renewal of semi-natural biotic communities;
  • Development of visitor centres in protected areas;
  • Establishing of hiking trails and infrastructure related to the trails.

The application process is in the Estonian language. More detailed materials, instructions and information can be found here, in Estonian, on the EIC’s homepage.