Grant for nursery school and basic school study visits

Last updated on 09.04.2021 Environmental program

Information about the measure

Applications will be accepted between 1 April and 3 May 2021.

The basis for applying for a grant is Regulation No. 10 of the Minister of the Environment of 31 January 2020 ‘Procedure and conditions for providing a grant from the environmental programme’.

The grant is distributed as part of the environmental awareness programme. The purpose of the environmental awareness programme is to establish an understanding that human beings are a part of nature, the sustainability of our economic activities and culture depends on nature, and there should be a balance between environmental protection and use (subsection 22 (1) of the Regulation).

The application process will take place in the online enviroment KIKAS

What activities do we support?

We support the participation of basic school classes and nursery school and preschool groups in active learning programmes involving nature and environmental education centres or companies related to environmental protection and use, where the pupils participate in active (experiential, operational, research, discovery, etc.) activities in the learning process (clause 22 (4) 1) of the Regulation).


  • The application can be submitted by the educational institution or its operator.
  • The grant can be applied for a nursery school or preschool group or a basic school class.
  • The grant is limited to EUR 250 per group/class/study group and can be used to fund an active learning programme and transport. Other costs are not eligible under this action. The division of the amount between the cost of the study programme and the transport costs has not been determined. It is also not specified how many study programmes can be carried out for one class/group for the maximum amount, and the general calculation is made by educational institution. A study group is considered to be children participating together in one study programme at the same time (e.g. when joining small classes or a group of preschool children from different groups in the nursery school). However, when planning study visits, it is essential to follow the sustainable use of resources (by combining small classes into one study group, if possible; using one bus per group/class or public transport).
  • There is no compulsory self-financing and the application does not have to indicate the sum exceeding the maximum amount as an own contribution (if you still want to show it, please indicate it as ineligible cost).
  • If more than one educational institution is involved in the project, the data of the participants in the programmes must be submitted as an additional table (in the right-hand column of the page, please see the file ‘Data of participants in the programmes’). The same table can be provided if there are many classes participating from one school.
  • Study visits of the whole school or nursery school must be combined in one application (not to submit an application for each class or school level separately).

NB! The application process is in the Estonian language. More detailed materials, instructions and information can be found here, in Estonian, on the EIC’s homepage.