The construction of water and sewage infrastructure of private individuals

Last updated on 06.01.2022 Cohesion fund

Grant information


What was the purpose of the grant?

  • The purpose of providing the grant was to ensure the collection of waste water in the waste water collection areas approved by the Minister of the Environment.

How big was the budget of the application round?

  • The budget for the whole round was EUR 17 373 629.

Who could apply for the grant?

  • Inhabitants whose household is located in a waste water collection area that has been approved by the Minister of the Environment were eligible to apply for a grant. You can check this using the search engine found on this page (above). As well as the environmental register.
  • The grant was applied for by the individual owner, joint owner or co-owner of the registered immovable or right of superficies registered in the land register. The joint owner or co-owner of the registered immovable belonging to the applicant may not be a legal person.

Why was the grant being allocated?

  • The grant was being allocated for the purpose of connecting a residential building located in a waste water collection area to the public water supply and/or sewerage system, or for the construction or reconstruction of a storage tank, and for the construction or conversion of a self-treatment plant for a residential building in a waste water collection area with less than 2000 consumers. We awarded grants for storage tanks and self-treatment plants in areas in which there is no public sewerage system and where it is known that one will not be established within the next five years. We supported the process of connecting to the public water supply and/or public sewerage system, if the possibility to do so exists, but for some reason this has not been done.

How big was the grant?

  • The amount of the grant was determined based on the average cost of similar construction works and depends on the length of the pipeline to be built. The average grant amounts were within the range of EUR 1132 and EUR 3792.

What should be kept in mind?

  • Construction work may not begin before the decision has been received.
  • The EIC reviews applications within 90 calendar days.
  • The planned activities must be carried out within six months after having received the positive decision.
  • If a supply point has been established for connecting with the water as well as sewage system, the precondition for the grant is connection to both services.
  • As a rule, only one application may be submitted per registered immovable.
  • If several residential buildings have been built on one registered immovable, and a separate supply point has been built for each one, then it is permitted to submit the corresponding number of applications for one registered immovable.
  • In the case of a section of an apartment building, a terraced house or a semi-detached house, several applications can be submitted, if the supply points have been built on the registered immovable.
  • If, following the receipt of the grant and the carrying out of the project, the opportunity to connect to the other service is built for the registered immovable, then it is permitted to submit a new application.
  • If, after connecting to the public water supply, the need should arise to build or rebuild a storage tank or a self-treatment plant, a new application may be submitted.

What was the grant not allocated for?

  • For internal construction works of pipelines in a residential building, including the establishment of a water meter.
  • For the financing of previously conducted works.
  • For the establishment of pipelines to an unbuilt immovable.
  • For the construction of water and sewerage pipelines, a self-treatment plant or storage tank on an immovable with residential buildings built after 21 May 2018.

How do you inform the public about the grant?

  • The grant recipient shall ensure that a poster is present at the location of the supported activity and in a place visible to the public (yard, window, etc.) for the entire duration of the construction works. The poster must be printed in A3 format, in colour, and must be weather proof. If there is no option to print, then we recommend asking for help from a local water undertaking. A suitable poster can be found here.

NB! The application process is in the Estonian language. More detailed materials, instructions and information can be found here, in Estonian, on the EIC’s homepage.

The support measure was developed by the Ministry of the Environment, the grant is given from the EU Cohesion Fund.