Sauga School switches to ground loop heating

A school building in Sauga, Pärnu County, went over from oil heating to a geothermal heat pump system in the summer, reducing fuel expenditure and environmental pollution.

Sauga Basic School used to have local central heating based on oil, a non-renewable source of thermal energy. It was used to heat the classrooms and hot water. The installation of the geothermal heat pump system reduced the energy expenditure necessary for generating heat, the estimated savings on which is 154,300 kWh a year.

It has also meant much less environmental pollution – CO2 emissions dropped by 63 tonnes, which is 67% less than with the previous heating system. The new heating system is also much more cost-efficient than the old one, which means more opportunities to make additional investments to improve the school experience for schoolchildren.

Early estimates are that maintenance costs were cut by half. The total cost of the heat pump system was 62,000 euros and half of it was provided by EIC from its environmental programme.