Hunters gathered wisdom in Luua

Luua forestry school has taught hunting to future hunters for decades already. During the project, Luua Forestry School acquired the necessary teaching aids for hunting training: clay-throwing machines, headphones, shear-resistant gloves, scales, skinning kit, knives, skin salting table, night vision binoculars, observation tube, snow shoes, shelter tents and the like.

Acquired study aids create the opportunity to gain practical experience in using hunting means and in valorising hunting game and trophies. Until now, hunting enthusiasts in Estonia had no other opportunities to acquire practical knowledge and experience.

In 2012 the Luua Forestry School organised 16 hunting courses that were attended by 257 hunters. Trainees received knowledge about catching fur animals, trophies, organising beaver hunting, amendments of the Hunting Act, hunting methods, clay shooting, initial processing of the catch, and much more.

The supplementary training was attended by both beginner hunters and more experienced hunters who wished to educate themselves in some field. The most popular events were the beaver hunting study day and the training on catching fur animals.

The Estonian Hunters' Association also offers additional 56-hour hunting training at Luua.