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Resource efficiency of companies (RRF) 




Taaste- ja vastupidavusrahastu (RRF)

We support resource efficiency in industrial enterprises. 

The call for applications is not open; the projects that have received funding are in the process of implementation. 

The aim of the grant is to increase resource productivity in industrial enterprises through the introduction of innovative green technologies and solutions to contribute to a climate-neutral economy, resilience, and adaptation to climate change. 

A prerequisite for applying for resource efficiency investments is an analysis of resource use carried out by trained auditors. Resource use analysis assesses the current situation and how to make production more resource efficient. The specific need for investment will be made clear after the results of the analysis are taken into consideration. 

Grants are awarded in Estonian and more information can be found on the EIC website here.

Lauri-Indrek Tummeleht

Lauri-Indrek Tummeleht

Project Coordinator

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