Tyre mountains set to disappear from Raadi this year

25. June 2020 | 21:31

The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) entered into a public contract with public limited company Ragn-Sells for recycling scrap tyres; the company will remove and reutilise about 14,000 tonnes of scrap tyres that have been stored at Raadi over the years. The former military airfield will be clean of tyres by the end of this year.

‘The accumulated mountains of tyres at Raadi have been endangering the people of Tartu for years. Now, this Gordian knot will finally be truly cut’, notes Minister of the Environment Rene Kokk. ‘At that, it is important that the tyres will be recycled’.

‘I visited Raadi last autumn to get acquainted with the situation, and became convinced that should a fire occur there, it would be a catastrophe placing the entire City of Tartu at risk’, says Minister of the Interior Mart Helme. ‘I immediately started the process for quickly eradicating this danger, and I am glad that, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, we have reached a point where work on destroying the tyre mounds will soon begin’.

‘The EIC is supporting the resolution of this much-debated problem’, says Andrus Treier, CEO of the EIC. ‘Three tenders were received in the public procurement organised by the EIC, and we decided to enter into a public contract with Ragn-Sells since their price was the lowest and they have the capacity to remove the tyres from the area in the allocated time, and to recycle them in the required volume and manner,’ Treier adds.

Ragn-Sells intends to commence work in July. It is planned to shred the tyres on-site at Raadi and to transport the tyre shreds for reutilisation to Finnsementti, in Finland, and to Aslan Cimento, in Turkey, where the tyres will be used as an alternative fuel in the production of cement. In Estonia, the scrap tyres will be given to private limited company Amestop for reutilisation, who will use these to construct a drainage layer in the bottom of the cell of the Torma landfill: the tyres will be used to replace granite chippings or expanded clay. In addition, according to the tender, public limited company Enefit Energiatootmine will use the scrap tyres in the production of shale oil.

Tidying up the former military airfield at Raadi will cost the state EUR 1.48 million.

Years ago, the tyres – mainly handed over by MTÜ Rehviringlus and AS Kuusakoski – were accumulated at Raadi by waste management company OÜ Rubronic, which has since been liquidated due to insolvency as the company could not perform the obligations set for it. The EIC is organising the management of scrap tyres located at the former Raadi Airfield pursuant to the agreement concluded with the Ministry of the Environment.