Municipalities can apply for grants for managing floods

23. July 2018 | 11:13

The Environmental Investment Centre (EIC) opens an application round for projects helping to manage flooding risks. Applications will be accepted from 3 September 2018.

“With this round for applications, we wish to prevent or alleviate the damage caused by floods to human health, the environment, cultural assets and economic activities,” explains Koit Kaskel, Head of the EIC Grants Unit regarding the objectives of the application round. “Floods are inevitable, but the actions of this application round enable us to mitigate their impact.”  

The application round will support research and other preparatory activities needed to investigate the reason for flooding or find the appropriate technical solution. Grants are also allocated for compiling the preliminary design project and constructional planning. More information on support activities is available on the website of EIC. From the application round opening in 2019, grants for construction works can be applied for. 

The application round will be used to support activities in areas exposed to flooding risk, which are included in the currently published water management plan and mitigation plan. Also, in areas outside the areas exposed to flooding risk, where works can be conducted to avoid flooding in areas exposed to flooding risk, and in areas where significant potential flooding risk has been established in surveys.

Application is open for units of local municipalities or joined units of local municipalities. The maximum sum of the grant per one grant is EUR 100,000 without VAT. The maximum share of the grant is 70% of the project’s eligible costs and the grant recipient’s own funds must cover at least 30% of the project’s eligible costs. Project duration is up to 18 months. 

The application process takes place through the E-support environment. Applications can be submitted starting from 3 September 2018. The budget in the application round is 1.5 million euros and applications will be received until the budget is exhausted. Ending of the receipt of applications will be announced in a national daily newspaper and on EIC’s home page. 

The information day for the application round will be held on 30 August at 11 AM in the ground floor hall of the Ministry of the Environment (Narva mnt 7a, Tallinn). Pre-registration is required to participate in the event, which can be done here.

The grants are issued from the revenue received in 2013-2020 from the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading scheme through the measure “Mitigation of flooding risks” established in the state budget strategy to lay down the conditions and procedure for the allocation of grants. The measure was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.