The Environmental Investments Centre was founded 20 years ago

12. May 2020 | 12:16

The Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) was established as a foundation on 11 May 2000, by the Ministry of Finance, in order to better target money received from the use of the environment. Today, the EIC falls within the administrative area of ​​the Ministry of the Environment and serves as the central financier of environmental projects in Estonia, but looks to the future with its activities as an implementer of smart and effective solutions in the Estonian environmental landscape.

Rene Kokk, Minister of the Environment and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the EIC, recognises the EIC for its years of excellent work and dedication. ‘None of us today could imagine life without the EIC. Over the span of 20 years, the EIC has supported 20,000 environmental projects in the amount of EUR 2 billion with beneficiaries located in every corner of Estonia. Without the EIC, many innovative and environmentally friendly programmes would never have existed’, said the Minister of the Environment.

According to Andres Treier, Chief Executive Officer of the EIC, public interest in climate and environmental topics has grown considerably, which also sets high expectations on the activities of the EIC and requires an innovative and smart approach. ‘I consider it important to look to the future, and we are working to ensure that the EIC is the implementer of smart and effective solutions in the Estonian environmental landscape. Our considerable experience in implementing grants, constant communication with clients and partners, and knowledge of risks, regulations and funding sources, help create a strong foundation for the future’, explains Treier. ‘Even though awareness of environmental topics is growing among people, there are still many big steps that need to be taken in order to reach a sustainable society. We want to be a dependable partner for all parties, to ensure that important projects can actually be completed’, he added.

Over the last 20 years, with support from the state, European Union structural assistance, and funds from the Emission Trading System, the EIC has implemented 78 support measures from five ministries. The EIC has supported 6258 agencies and organisations in implementing 20,000 environmental projects. 

During this time a total of 3500 projects in the amount of EUR 569 million have been implemented in the field of energy, with 4000 projects in the field of water management in the amount of EUR 1 billion and 12,500 projects in nature and environmental awareness in the amount of EUR 431 million. For example, over the period of 20 years, nearly 500,000 people have received access to clean drinking water with the support of the EIC, a total of 35,410 hectares of habitat has been restored and maintained and more than 500,000 children from schools and nursery schools have participated in study visits. A total of more than 4500 kilometres of water and wastewater pipelines and more than 205 kilometres of heat pipelines have also been built and renewed, and approximately 3800 tonnes of hazardous waste has been removed, collected and treated.

In addition, the EIC has paid in excess of EUR 147 in environmental loans to more than 80 agencies. For the seventh consecutive year, the EIC organised the youth resource conservation competition Negavatt, within the framework of which green ideas have been supported with EUR 216,000. A total of 366 ideas have been submitted to the competition.

The EIC currently employs 59 employees, with a total of 210 people having belonged to the EIC collective over the period of 20 years. Average seniority at the EIC is 8.1 years. 

We would like to thank all of our employees, clients and partners, who have helped us preserve the future for the past 20 years!