The EIC opens an application round for private individuals for connecting to the common water and sewage system 

04. June 2018 | 21:39

The Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) opens an application round for private individuals for connecting to the common water and sewage system or for installing a proper sewage holding tank. Applications will be received from 5 June 2018.

The interest in the grant was already extensive before opening the round. “It is a pleasure,” the Minister of the Environment, Siim Kiisler admitted. “With the grant we want to reach out to hundreds or even thousands of families, who thus far have not have the possibility to join the common water and sewage system. We are doing it in all of our interests. After all, every connected person or proper sewage holding tank means a cleaner environment. I invite all of those who need the support to examine whether their home is in an area entitled to the grant.”

The grant is allocated for connecting the residential building to the common water and sewage system or for the establishment or reconstruction of a sewage holding tank in an area with no common sewage system and where it is known that a common water and sewage system will not be established within the next five years. Application is open for areas, where the household of the inhabitant is in a waste water collection area with a pollution load exceeding 2,000 consumers. It is possible to check from the environmental register whether the place of residence is in the respective waste water collection area.

The amount of the grant is determined from the average cost of similar building works ascertained this January and depends on the length of the pipeline to be built. The budget in the application round is 10 million euros and applications will be received until the budget is exhausted. Ending of the receipt of applications will be announced in a national daily newspaper and on EIC’s homepage. Average amount of the grant will remain between 2,000 and 2,500 euros. Upon payment of the grant, the EIC shall withhold income tax on the payable grant in accordance with the Income Tax Act.

Support will not be given for the construction works of pipelines inside the building, including for the establishment of water meter assemblies, financing previously completed works and for the establishment of pipelines on unimproved registered immovables or immovables with buildings under construction. If a connection point has been established for connecting with the water as well as sewage system, the precondition for the grant is connection to both services. Only one application may be submitted for one registered immovable.

The applications are to be submitted via the e-support environment or via a form available on the EIC’s homepage, which can be sent to the EIC by e-mail (info [at] or by post (Narva mnt 7a, 10117, Tallinn). Applications can be submitted starting from 5 June 2018.

Information day of the application round will be held on 15 June, at 12 noon at Hotel Europa (Paadi 5, Tallinn). More information on the terms and conditions of the application rounds and on the grant application process and the registration form of the information day can be found on EIC’s homepage. 

The grant is given from the measure “Development of water management infrastructure” for the structural support period 2014-2020 and from the EU Cohesion Fund. The measure was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.