EIC to open a project application round to reach climate policy goals in developing countries

28. June 2018 | 10:20

Starting on 4 July, the Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) will be accepting project applications which will help developing countries alleviate climate change and adjust to the changes. 

“Each year, Estonia contributes EUR 1 million of its revenue from greenhouse gas emissions trading to international climate cooperation, in order to help developing countries reduce the quantities of greenhouse gases and adjust to the effects of climate change. Starting this year, we will be offering Estonian companies and non-profit organisations the opportunity to ask for support in order to bring their climate related technology and knowledge to developing countries. By doing so, we will be killing two birds with one stone – on the one hand, we will be helping developing countries that are especially vulnerable to climate change, while on the other hand we will be helping our domestic companies and non-profit organisations,” said Minister of the Environment Siim Kiisler.

Veiko Kaufmann, Director of the EIC, encourages those companies and non-profit organisations who have a reliable cooperation partner in developing countries to participate in the given application round. “The content of a preferred project is the implementing of green technology solutions in developing countries, but in actuality the spectrum of supported activities in the first application round is quite broad. Therefore, we are awaiting applicants to consult with EIC specialists regarding project applications.”

Supported projects may be related to the fields of energy, transportation, water and construction, waste handling, agriculture and forestry. Activities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are associated, for example, with the use of renewable energy and the promotion of energy efficiency or increasing the resource efficiency of transportation, are eligible to receive funding. Also eligible are activities for adjusting to the effects of climate change, such as the shoring up of embankments, sustainable water economy solutions, forestry measures or agricultural measures. Applications are awaited in the field of information and communications technology, as well as other fields that will help developing countries increase their capabilities and the ability to alleviate the effects of climate change or adjust to these effects.

The target countries in the application round are all countries designated as development aid recipients in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). When providing support, preference is given to less developed countries and small developing island nations. The application round is open to legal persons, government authorities, local government authorities or their administered authorities, who wish to share their knowledge on solving climate change related problems in developing countries.

The budget for the application round is EUR 600,000. The minimum support per project is EUR 30,000 and the maximum is EUR 200,000. The maximum rate of support is 90% of the eligible costs. Project duration is up to three years.

Support can be applied for from 4 July to 27 August 2018. The application process takes place through the E-support environment. Detailed information on how to apply can be found here, on the EIC homepage.

Support is given for implementing the ‘State Budget Strategy 2018-2021’ measure ‘Estonia’s contribution to international climate cooperation’ and the order ‘Terms and conditions for providing support for achieving climate policy goals in developing countries’ issued by the Minister of the Environment. The measure was developed by the Ministry of the Environment.

Background information

The International Paris Climate Agreement calls for developed countries to help developing countries alleviate climate change and adapt to the effects of climate change. Pursuant to the agreement, Estonia has promised to contribute EUR 1 million each year until 2020 to international climate cooperation and meeting climate policy goals in developing countries. Funding will come from the revenue received from the auction of greenhouse gas emission units on the trading system for reducing the European Union’s emissions.

In order to do so, it will be possible to request support for bringing climate change technology and knowledge to developing countries. Support will be provided in two different ways: international cooperation or via the EIC’s open application round. The Ministry of the Environment will be providing support within the framework of international cooperation, and in this way support will be provided to international climate funds, on the basis of a bilateral or multilateral framework, or via another method. The open application round will be carried out by the EIC.